Hey guys, Jordan here, here are some of my top tips to working abroad…


    1. Plan ahead:  Make sure you have accommodation pre booked before coming to Ibiza or Magaluf with a reputable company. There are companies who will advertise becoming reps with my face however, Sunseeker is the official company run by yours truly, so make sure you do your research.
    2. Get involved: If you have booked with a company like Sunseeker workers make sure you’re involved in group chats, Facebook groups and organised night outs in the UK, not only will this help you make a load of friends before arriving, it will also make it easier to pull in resort.
    3. Save and budget:  Make sure you save enough money to get the most out of your working holiday and then budget your money when you’re here, so try not to spend all your savings before you starting working or you will end up going home early. You don’t need to buy anyone any drinks to pull, just be yourself and you will be fine.
    4. Seek advice: Us reps at Sunseeker workers have years of experience in both resorts, so make sure you come to us for any help and support if and when you need it, whether its advice on the best places to work for as a shot girl, or if you need me or the other reps to be your wingman we will be there.
    5. Have FUN: Don’t forget the main reason you want to work abroad is to have fun and enjoy a summer in the sun, so make the most of your time away and explore the island, there are some amazing places to visit other than the Magaluf and San Antonio beach. There is so much more to each of these locations and there really is something for everyone. Sunseeker workers will also be planning a load of days and nights out to give you guys a chance to explore.
    6. Keep hydrated and top up your tan: As much I love to party, the weather can get hot at times, so make sure you drink plenty of water during the day and keep that tan topped up with suncream, make sure the fairer skinned of you coming out with us are carrying your factor 50.
    7. FINALLY – Be confident: Working away is a scary thing, but don’t let coming alone put you off, the majority of people coming out with us are doing it alone so make sure you don’t let other people put you off doing it, be your own person and go for it.

That’s it from yours truly, don’t forget to tag me on twitter once you’ve booked your place @jordanweekender