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Yes, the majority of our workers travel alone so making friends is nice and easy. Once you have booked a place you will be added into our exclusive members group where you can meet everyone else before arriving.
Yes, if you are traveling with friends we will ensure that you are put together n the same apartment.
Yes. one of our sunseeker reps will assist you in extending your stay if you choose to stay on for the season. This will be discussed in your induction meeting.
The pay can very depending on the resort and your chosen job. Average earnings in Ibiza and Magaluf are around 300 - 350 euros per week. With some jobs paying a little more.
When you land you will be greeted by one of our Sunseeker Reps. Here you will be put onto a transfer which will take you to your accommodation where another rep will be waiting to take you through the check in procedure. Once checked in you will meet you room mates and the ret of the team. The first night we organise a big night out so everyone can to know eachother and make friends.
Job introductions are guaranteed as part of our package. We set up exclusive recruitment days and job trials to ensure everyone has the opportunity to start work. Lots of you will have the chance to apply for jobs before arriving through our private jobs groups exclusive to sunseeker workers. My parents need convincing.
Yes, one of our experienced reps can give you parents a call, run them through everything and give them the re assurance they need.
Yes, Jordan is the company owner as well as one of the reps. Jordan will be taking you out on bar crawls, boat parties, foam parties and much more.
We use different blocks for our workers. These are allocated based on the date you choose to come out. All apartments have everything you need including a kitchen, shower and living area. All apartments have an on site bar, pool access and access to wifi.
We understand that working abroad is not for everyone. If you decide its time to go home then one of our reps will help you book a flight back and arrange transport back to the airport.
No, no visa is required if you are from the UK or Ireland. and NIE and social security number may be required but this is something you can obtain once you are in resort. Our reps will cover this in your induction meeting.
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